About Vyoma USA

Vyoma Sanskrit E – Learning Inc. is an educational organization which is a non-profit, non-religious and nonpolitical organization with the objective of teaching Sanskrit to the public at large using E-Learning tools in addition to other in person teaching methods.

Sanskrit is an ancient language system from India with more than 3500 years of history. Sanskrit teachers, texts, materials, manuscripts, etc. originate from India but today are globally spread out.

Through an E-learning approach, Vyoma Sanskrit E – Learning Inc. achieves to connect teachers, learners, experts and other members who have interest in learning Sanskrit through E – Learning technologies and other electronic mediums that enables preservation of this ancient language system.

In addition to E-Learning, other in-person workshops, tutorials, etc. on a non-profit basis will be conducted solely for the purpose of teaching and education of the language Sanskrit when the need arises.

EIN: 84-2818659

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+ Registered Users

+ Dedicated Teachers


Membership is open to anyone without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, political, veteran or religious affiliation/status and the membership fee of $0.00.

E-Learning Activities

Modes of Learning

Self Paced and Self Focused
Using available tools and courses in Vyoma, learner decides his area of focus and pace of study

Eg: Sandhi tool for sharpening Sandhi concepts

Live Webinars
Only attend live webinars in interested areas
In Person Workshops
  • Virtual or Face to face.
  • Group of 10 – 25 students with a specific common learning objective.
  • Using Vyoma tools and resources.
  • Learning path created based on persona and objective.
  • Vyoma tools and courses to be used.
  • Periodical live interactions.
1 on 1
  • Direct 1 on 1 teaching by Vyoma faculty (online).
  • Objective, area, method, etc. decided mutually.
Personal Companion
  • For individual learners.
  • Learning path created based on persona and objective.
  • Vyoma tools and courses provided as per the learning path.
  • Study Manual provided.
  • Periodical contact classes for clarifying doubts.
  • Periodical updates provided for applications.

Fundraiser Activities

The organization shall actively seek to raise funds in the form of donations through the organization website and other activities.

Project Activities

The organization shall also fund other interested organizations (US and non-US based) on research and other academic related projects and activities aimed towards developing and outreach of Sanskrit (objectives of the organization).

Such activities must be accompanied by a project proposal clearly mentioning the objectives, deliverables, etc. and must receive the approval of ALL members of the board. INDIVIDUALS shall not be funded for such activities.

Establishment of targeted donations towards such activities must also receive unanimous consent of the board.

Our Patrons

Shri. Kal Krishnan

Smt. Rama Shankar

Shri. Balaji Srinivasan

Shri. Vis Hariharan

Dr. Rajeshwari

Smt. Arundhati Kulkarni

And many more…..!

Our Supporters

Shri. Aditya Raman

Shri. Chandrashekar Raman

Shri. Shankar Subramaniam

Shri. Prasad Joshi

Shri. S M Haricharan

Shri. Seetharam

Smt. Sowmya

Shri. Neelesh Bodas

And many more…..!

Founding Members of Vyoma USA

Mahesh Nagesh

Mahesh Nagesh


Srikanth Govindarajan

Srikanth Govindarajan


Krishnaprasath R

Krishnaprasath R


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